The Beginning

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Indie Star Radio was founded October of 2017 by Alan Wayne. Fresh off of being fired by Music Mafia Radio, and losing his mother and grandmother 2 Months apart, Alan was close to hanging up his microphone for good.  Yet something unexpected happened;  talented independent artists started sending him music for airplay. When he heard these fresh voices and sounds, he knew he had to create a platform that made these artists feel like stars! The original logo, seen above, was designed by Kevin Kierstead, a fellow broadcaster who ended up committing suicide a short time afterward. Driven by a need to showcase this new talent, and honor the memory of those he lost, Alan started a Spreaker account with little more than a few songs and an intense need to succeed. 

   2018-2019 Highs and Lows


Indie Star Radio began making a name for themselves in the burgeoning Internet Radio Scene. Additional staff was brought on board to help with the day to day tasks of managing what was quickly growing to be a very popular platform. Soon, ISR added other shows to their platform from independent broadcasters with the same ideals. It was also at this time that ISR became both a 24 hour station as well as a distributor for content, live shows, and Podcasts. However, despite all of the success they had enjoyed, their rebranding efforts, looking to capitalize on the fact they were based out of Los Angeles, fell flat, and the station struggled to find an identity. Yet artists still sent in music, and the beat rolled on. The station received a shock when they were nominated for best radio station of the year at the 2019 ISSA Awards. Despite his misgivings, knowing that his old employer Music Mafia Radio was likely to win, Alan made the trip to Atlanta and met several wonderful artists who became lifelong friends and supporters. It was also around this time that Alan realized that ISSA could no longer help him achieve his goals, and that he did not want to be associated with any organization, preferring to not be swayed by outside influence, remaining truly Independent.  ISR disassociated with the ISSA in early 2020, and still remains 100 percent Independent.

2020 - 2021 The Digital Media Experiment


Indie Star Radio focused on yet another rebranding in 2020: Marketing themselves as a digital media platform specializing in distribution of programs to a wide variety of sources, guaranteeing maximum exposure for the artists they served. At first, it worked: ISDM gained new fans and staff members, and the talent coming in was at a level they could not have imagined when they had first started. Again, things were looking up for the upstart station. However as time passed, it became abundantly clear that ISDM would need to go back to basics. Armed with a loyal and dedicated staff, fanbase, and patrons, ISDM Pivoted back to Indie Star Radio in July of 2021.  

Today and Beyond

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Indie Star Radio is now laser focused on being the best Fully Independent All Genre station on the web! With a diverse talent roster, live shows 3 nights a week, and a carefully crafted engagement and promotional program including a powerhouse rotation you can keep on all day, Indie Star Radio is the best place to hear the hottest new music and entertaining programming. Powered by Live365, Indie Star Radio is fully licensed, and ready to promote the best independent talent in the World!