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Sick Mystic Wants to Make You “Scream” With Their Music

The band Sick Mystic, out of Los Angeles California, combines an old school hard rock groove with elements of Nu Metal on their track “Scream”. The beginning starts with crunchy guitars reminiscent of early Alice in Chains. In fact, the attack of the song reminds me quite a bit of the hard rock so popular in the early 90’s. Powerful downtuned guitar meshes perfectly with ascendent vocals giving the track a presence not heard often in recordings of today.

Add in some Nu Metal breaks and a post apocalyptic outro, and Sick Mystic hearkens back to a time when rock music actually ROCKED. A time when music could motivate, drive one to run down a tunnel with 50,000 fans chanting their name or simply to get that boost in the morning before another day in the rat race. My hope is that we can see more and more of this type of pure hard emotive rock hitting the airwaves!

And on a side note; check out my sitdown with Zhenya Prokopenko, drummer of Sick Mystic,on my podcast Indie Star Insider. We discuss his journey to America from Russia to chase his Rock and Roll Dreams, and you may learn a little Russian if you pay attention!

Check out Sick Mystic for Yourself!


My interview with Zhenya Prokopenko: https://www.spreaker.com/user/indiestarradio/episode-84-zheyna-prokopenko-drummer-fro

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