• Alan Wayne

Rocker Sabrina Fallah Shows a Softer Side with “Hurt”

Sabrina Fallah first sent her music in to Indie Star Radio in the form of a track called Kiss is a Killer, a hard rocking banger that unapologetically paints Sabrina as a woman who knows that she wants and takes it for herself! However, her most recent track entitled “Hurt” is a tale of what happens when the bad ass girl gets her heart broken, and the results are wrenching.

A slow guitar, reminiscent of Extreme’s “More Than Words” is accompanied by a slightly subdued Sabrina singing of the pain endured from lost love. Her voice is soft, yet powerful in expressing her feelings, and the bare backing of just a single guitar really emphasizes the emptiness she portrays with her lyrics. Sabrina seems to rue the day she ever let someone inside her leather clad veneer, proclaiming “Hurt” as that four letter word, being the only one that affects her so deeply.

Every rocker has a heart. They are not immune to the issues of heartbreak and loss. Sabrina Fallah sums this up perfectly with “Hurt”. There is a vulnerability there which makes one appreciate her normal kick ass sound even more, and proves that Sabrina Fallah is not just a one trick pony, but a talented artist with a great voice and yes, a softer side.

Check out Sabrina Fallah: http://sabrinafallah.com/


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