• Alan Wayne

Los Angeles Duo “Nomad and Lola” Give New Life to A Classic Tune

A classic song originally written by Sonny Bono, sung by both Cher and Nancy Sinatra among others, and brought back to prominence by its inclusion in Quinten Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” film series, “Bang Bang” as performed by Nomad and Lola takes the basic premise of the song and improves it considerably. Their take on the generally sad and empty tune is full of exquisitely delicate orchestrations, sultry lead female vocals and powerful male vocals which bring a whole new dimension to the track. The sound is fuller, richer, and is less spooky and more alive than its predecessor. Now don’t get me wrong: The Nancy Sinatra version of the song fit perfectly with the vibe of the Kill Bill series. Tarentino has always had an ear for songs to accompany his shocking, sometimes gory cinematic brilliance. However, as a track, this rendition stands on its own; it is its own creation. The track is like the original enough to be recognized, but when the listener hears Nomad and Lola’s take on it, they may forget the original ever existed. One has to wonder if Nomad and Lola’s covers are this good and divergent, what brilliance could they muster with their own songs?

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