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Jennifer Mlott Takes Aim At Songwriting With Latest Track

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

There are many talented singers in this world. There are fewer talented songwriters than singers. When one combines singing and songwriting, the list becomes even smaller. Jennifer Mlott has cemented her place in the latter category with her latest track entitled “Can’t Get Over You”.

Jennifer is known by many for giving her unique spin and multi-faceted vocal talents to already recorded tunes, giving them a new life in the process . On this track, she collaborated with David Lucid to create a song with uplifting compositions masterfully mixed with vocals that draw you in to a bittersweet story of unrequited love, sung in a way that can only be described as angelic heartbreak.

What impressed me on this track, as with another track she co produced called “Different Drummer” which incorporated her incredible tap dancing skills as percussion, was that her vision for music does not fit the norm. The tinkling yet soaring piano, combined with almost a bluesy swaying drum track with bass to match is uniquely Jenn.

If this track is any indication to what we may expect from Jennifer Mlott in the future, then the future looks bright for this rising star out of Indianapolis Indiana.

Check Jennifer out at www.jennifermlott.com

Or stream and buy her music anywhere music is offered or sold online.

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