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Jennifer Mlott Shows Another Side With "Set Em Up"

Artist promotion tends to be about image. What goes into a carefully crafted image includes a body of work that backs up that image along with all of the branding that is associated with crafting that perfect public persona that reaches out to the listener in the efforts of achieving mass appeal.

Jennifer Mlotts fanbase extends the world over with devoted fans called "Mlotters" following her every move on social media and clamoring for more and more music from her. Her simple formula combines immense vocal talent with a sort of hubris that makes one feel something when they hear her sing. Along with this is her one secret ingredient; Kindness. In this world of internet trolls and negativity online, Jennifer actually corresponds with her fans, sometimes staying up all night to make sure they know that they are appreciated with a message, a like, or a social media mention. With her latest original collaboration with James Davis titled "Set Em Up", Jennifer adds another weapon to her arsenal; relatability.

Girls just wanna have fun, and Jennifer shows she is no different in this honky tonk ditty about a night out at the bar. One can hear her joy as she sings about putting her blue jeans on and hitting up her favorite night spot . Line dancing, checking out guys, and spending plenty of time on the dance floor and at the bar are the main themes of this girls night out anthem.

Everybody has to let loose every once in a while, and Set Em Up perfectly exemplifies the mood of a Friday night after a long week. The song itself is top notch with excellent production, and Jennifer providing every vocal from low to high showing her incredible range. The song is loose and fun, but the production is tight and on point. Most people will not notice that due to the overall vibe of the song, but it is worth mentioning.

This song is a testament to Jennifers appeal. She can break your heart, inspire you, make you laugh and make you move. Instead of aiming to please one base of fans with the same type of music or themes, Jennifer aims to show the diverse person that she is in every track she performs. This in turn allows her to reach a massive amount of people and relate to so many on many levels. It seems whatever mood one is in, there's probably a Jennifer Mlott song to accompany it. 'Set Em Up" adds to an already impressive lineup of originals, collabs and covers, that makes Jennifer Mlott highly relatable and definitely someone to add to any Spotify Playlist.

Set Em Up is available now on Apple Music!

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