• Alan Wayne

In Search of The Winachi Tribe…

(Written in the sytle of a wildlife biographer for funsies.)

Recently, I was summoned by a member of The Winachi Tribe to their habitat in Venice, California. I was shocked and delighted at the chance to watch these interesting people in their own environment. I’d been studying this particular tribe for well over a year from afar. But now was my chance to really see what they were like in their element. I was excited; however...

The trip was arduous. Through the stifling heat of the wild concrete jungles of Southern California I found myself stationary on a decrepit road with a slew of angry natives. They were fierce, blowing their horns and shouting expletives in many different dialects. Their patience was wearing thin quickly, and I felt that my very life would be in danger if I was to make one false move! Luckily, I am familiar with these natives and their customs, and was able to survive the ordeal. Oh, and an aside; the delay was to tend to one of their own whom had not survived this day. There was a somber procession past the fallen, followed by a mad rush for open air. From this point the trip went rather smoothly, I’m happy to report! Sad about the chap who perished. The law of the jungle is harsh, and judgement swift.

Finally, my time had come! After hours of travel I had finally arrived to the place where I would meet The Winachi Tribe, face to face, for the very first time! I was greeted by what I assumed to be a chief. He extended a warm welcome, as did the other members of the tribe. I was offered refreshment and rest, which I had gladly accepted. I was seated next to a member of the tribe, Liam. His manner made me quickly feel right at home. He was complimentary and gracious while I documented our conversation. Come to find The Winachi Tribe makes a pilgrimage to Venice from the U.K. any time they can. They find a creative fulfillment amongst vast lands of Los Angeles. Like Mecca to a believer, The Winachis take their own arduous trek to this oasis in a wonderful wasteland of fortune and fate.

I noticed the beautiful nature surrounding the compound. Green and shade were in ample supply. Soon after my arrival, another member of the tribe colorfully adorned in a turban and scarf join us. We’ll call him “Goldfinger”. As he spoke, I could not help but marvel at his wisdom. This was most certainly a medicine man or tribal elder. His knowledge of life in the tribe as well as life in general left me rich with pearls of wisdom. After a while, another member, we’ll call him “Tony” approaches us and takes a seat. Tony appeared to be the village strongman; strong, silent, and prolific with hair. At first glance, one would imagine he is the alpha of this tribe based on his masculine proclivities. We discussed many things around that table, shared laughs, and genuinely enjoyed ourselves.

At last, the moment had come! I was invited into the holiest room, where I was treated to a sound that has never been witnessed by those other than the Winachis! I was honored for this opportunity. The Winachi Tribe is a musical one, bursting with sounds galore from many different sources. When combined, these sounds create a magical tonic for the ears, a salve against the norm, an enjoyable penetration of the eardrums. What makes this tribe so fascinating is their incorporation of all things natural and unnatural in their music. Many would be afraid to deny convention; The Winachi Tribe takes it head on, smacks it in the face, and tells it to kneel. The tribe gathers from all corners of the Earth to produce their signature sound, and the master conductors deft and precise movements, a sound is produced that is truly euphoria in audible tone.

I was soon informed that I was now an honorary member of the tribe. Thankfully, I was spared the typical rites of passage. I left that cozy hamlet with feelings of joy, appreciation, and respect for the Winachi Tribe. And I sincerely hope to see them again one day.

For more on The Winachi Tribe, Visit https://www.facebook.com/thewinachitribe

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