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Immerse Into Emotion With Floating In Space's Latest "A New Dawn"

With a name like "Floating In Space", one could easily imagine an act that could send you on a peaceful drift down an aural lazy river, forgetting your cares and troubles. While Floating In Space's latest release "A New Dawn"(Available March 13th Pre-Order here https://orcd.co/fis-newdawn) contains many such moments of peace, it combines rapids of emotional churn and depth that make this virtual excursion exhilarating, emotional and quite a ride. So much for merely floating...

Floating in Space is the multi instrumental project of one Ruben Caballero, who hails from a small coastal town of Javea (Aka Xabia) in the province of Alicante, Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. This is the third studio album for Floating In Space, all released on the Deep Elm label (www.deepelm.com) continuing a legacy of dramatic cinematic post-rock that reaches into your very soul and extracts every feeling, even those you felt you weren't capable of anymore.

The album begins with "Sunrise", the light piano expertly blended with synths that gradually rise to a crescendo with rising strings. One can almost see the sun slowly making its way over a distant hilltop, then with a cacophony of sound, the light rises over the horizon, and gently casts its light over all manner of life below. The album has begun..

"Yes I Will" is a power packed post rock shot of controlled adrenaline meant to propel. It brings images of one starting to jog, beginning to walk, or starting a new challenge. Perfect get up and go music that will pick you up faster than your daily Starbucks.

"Where The Sun Remains" begins with a single piano key, leading into acoustic guitar bliss with ever present synths filling the ears with uplifting notes before the cymbal crashes into a crescendo and chorus of steady drums and orchestrations. A bit of quiet brings a brilliant yet gentle shock of electric guitar that somehow fits within the narrative.

"When The Night Comes" showcases Caballeros sublime inspiring guitar work garnished with the ever present strings and synths that add ethereal quality to all of Floating In Space's work. The song jumps to an upbeat mix of guitars, drums, and synth. These mix perfectly with various other elements to lead up to a rousing climax, then back to the simplicity of one guitar. The summation of most of our days; beginning softly moving into controlled chaos then peace as we sleep.

"Dusk" marks a first for Floating In Space, featuring vocals by Aniah Alves. Her voice rings with a fragile strength, delicately rising above Floating In Space's multi instrumental mastery, and blending perfectly through ebb and flow of the track.

"The Beauty Of" is gentle and slow, in the best of ways. Visions of my daughters running through grassy fields and laughing joyfully play in my head as the song builds to its zenith, which provides more quiet beauty. A perfect track to accompany appreciation of those we love in life.

"Alive" is a prime example of something Floating In Space does so well; its what I like to call "The Build" Starting from a foundation of light piano, guitar, or both, the song builds, adding instruments and steam. A climb reminiscent of ascending a tall hill to finally gaze upon a valley below and marvel at its wonder, the song peaking is the awesome sight below and the joy of it all.

"Overcome" brings to mind a man fighting mounting depression, the more down tuned tone of the piece climbing to a dour catharsis and then fading out, reminiscent of so many moments in my life. The sadness, the break down, the moment after the break down where life returns to a somewhat placid state. This track personifies that very process.

As if telling a story, "Let Go" provides part two to this struggle from the previous track. Starting low, then rising into varying volumes and degrees of uplifting synths, guitars, and drums, the track assures us that we will be okay, thrusts us forward from our prior melancholy, and gets us moving again.

"Eclipse" closes the album. An anticipatory interlude with the standard masterful accompaniments, one can feel like something good is going to happen. Then, with a mildly thundering drum, a gentle push. Nothing bombastic, just a guiding hand along the way that allows one to enjoy the extraordinary that resides in otherwise ordinary things.

Do you want to feel? I mean truly feel; the highs, the lows, the depths, the heights, the peaks and the valleys, take a moment and purchase this entire album. I assure you, you will not be sorry.

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