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Elizmi Haze Spits Fire With Her Brand New Track “No Fight”

At Indie Star Radio, we receive hundreds of submissions every single week for music to be played and featured on our station.

Once in a while, a track comes along that makes us sit up and take notice. Sometimes it is the uniqueness of the track itself, or the talent that jumps from the file. Sometimes it is simply the “It” factor. “No Fight” by Elizmi Haze has “It”.

Many of you reading this may be wondering what “It” is. I can’t help but think back to Faith No More’s “Epic” asking the question over and over. Quite simply, the “It” factor has no real definition. However, for the sake of argument, let’s take a look at what that could be in regards to this particular track.

It could be the opening, a hook laden delicately placed blend of synths leading into a cymbal crescendo that introduces us to Elizmi Haze. Her voice is reminiscent of Dua Lipa with an almost sultry quality and a palpable power. It could be the transition to the body of the song, with perfectly placed bass drops followed by a reggaeton beat that distinguishes the song as something unique and definitely something to move to. From this solid foundation, Elizmi makes empowering statements with her words, fiercely pleading for peace in situations where violence could so easily erupt.

From there comes what I feel is the most fierce and real part of the song. Elizmi breaks into a vicious rap verse where her British accent powerfully spits bars that any rap aficionado can appreciate. This verse fits perfectly in the whole idea of the song; an intense plea to do the right thing, and shows that Elizmi Haze is not only a great singer, but creative and willing to stretch the boundaries of what “pop” means. The song concludes going back to showcasing Elizmi’s vocal talents on full display.

So in conclusion, perhaps “It” is not one thing, but the sum of the parts. I do know one thing for certain; Elizmi Haze is definitely one to watch, follow, and admire.

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