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David Del Fonzo, Member of L.A. Indie Band "A Color Turning" Dies at 41

Every two weeks or so, a friend of my family comes to our house and works on our garden. Over time, he and I have discussed many things but one place where we can talk for hours is music. He has introduced me to many bands and artists that I would have never known about were it not for him, some damn good ones at that. When he gave me the news of David Del Fonzos untimely death at 41 of a heart attack, it came as quite a shock. Though his band "A Color Turning" had not been active for many years, I've come to find they still have a hardcore legion of fans who are devastated by the news.

The high point of A Color Turning's run was being signed by Scott Weilands Softdrive Records, which led to the release of their critically acclaimed 2009 album "Good Hands, Bad Blood". The band toured the country, including playing at 2010's SXSW Festival in Austin Texas.

One great thing about being an artist, a writer, even a podcaster, is that the work you provide can live on well past your years. In this spirit, I encourage you to look up the music of "A Color Turning", and keep David's memory alive by enjoying and sharing his work.

Other than being a talented musician, David was also a television producer whom had just gotten married 3 months prior. He is survived by his wife Hannah, and the many many fans and friends who knew him and enjoyed his music and friendship.

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