• Alan Wayne

Cranberry Merchants Have Done It Again...

"The song, "Quiescence" was inspired by a famous painting called "Heilige Schutzengel" (or "Guardian Angel") and the instilled belief in the protection of angels over children to quell fears. Our angel is a bit of a rocker though, and in spite of the chaos and anxiety represented by the music itself, she brings all fear to rest... to tranquility... to quiescence."

- Description for the video of the song "Quiescence" By Cranberry Merchants

2019's Rock Act of the year has done it again! By "It", I mean surprised me, expanded my ears, and made my respect for them grow exponentially from what it already was. The husband and wife duo of Steve and Dianne Moore, known as The Cranberry Merchants, add new dimensions to their already expansive sound with the song "Quiescence". A stabbing keyboard accompanies a piercing drum track which gives the track an ominous feel. Dianne's ethereal lyrics only add to the drama of the song. Steve Moore more than capably adds a rock thread throughout the background with his work on the guitars. The songs transitions from chorus to verse add more to the mystery while still keeping the musical train moving. In all of their songs, Cranberry Merchants has this beat, this bop, that its hard not to tap ones fingers and toes to.

Overall, the song is eerie(in a good way), with an infectious beat and mood, as well as very well produced and mastered. Cranberry Merchants are a prime example to all Independent Artists that just because you may not have thousands of dollars to spend, it does not mean that you can't put out professional sounding media. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself! Here is the link to their video, self produced along with the music, in their Georgia home!


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