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Burgeoning Pop Star Paige Keiners Latest “Sleep Don’t Dream” is Sweet and Sultry Sadness

Rarely does a song come along that defies the usual tropes of what a love song or breakup song should sound like. Usually, one knows what they’re getting from around mid first verse or so. However, Paige Keiner flips the script with a unique take on love and loss with her latest track “Sleep Don’t Dream”.

I first became aware of Paige by her song “Sip”, a raucous defiant pop standard celebrating the joys and relative invincibility of youth. Through the infectious beat and studio magic, one could hear that Paige has some serious vocal chops. On “Sleep Don’t Dream”, her voice is more in the forefront accented by a delicate and sad melody. In fact, when my nine year old daughter heard the song, her eyes welled up with tears in the first 30 seconds, which is a testament to very good production and a stirring quality in Paige’s delivery.

Far from a standard breakup song, “Sleep Don’t Dream” is the story of a young lady who is struggling with the painful and lingering ties that are often the choppy wake left when young love turns sour, or perhaps, just cannot survive. Through Paige’s beautiful rendering, one can tell that she is not quite over this particular relationship; however, in a way I’ve never heard expressed in a song before, Paige makes it clear that though their time as a pair has come to an end, she still loves him enough to encourage him to put her out of his mind, and rest his weary soul. “Sleep Don’t Dream” almost comes across as a lullaby to her former paramour, delivered with a palpable nurturing only reserved for those who have found a place in her heart, and will remain there for all time.

Overall, “Sleep Don’t Dream” has a sincere and emotive power that is an example of Paige Keiner’s range and vocal dexterity. Despite her encouraging her former beau, she admits she is in pain as well, leaving the listener wanting to know what happened. Songs are stories set to music, and “Sleep Don’t Dream” weaves a sad tale that begs for a sequel, where these two tortured lovers may finally find peace from long and sleepless nights.

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