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Award Winning Duo “Cranberry Merchants” Drop Knowledge and Serious Tunage With “The Black Maria”

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the 2019 ISSA Awards, where I had the privilege to meet Steve and Dianne Moore, the husband and wife duo whose song “The Black Maria” won an award for Band Single of the Year. Apart from being charming and affable in person, the fact that just a scant few months ago they were not even on anyone’s radar makes their victory all the more sweet. They really are a pair you want to root for.

Now to the track; Indie Star Radio received the single “The Black Maria” when it first came out, and my impressions then are pretty much the same now. The song has a classic vibe to it, like something Rodney Bingenheimer would pull out during one of his legendary shows. It starts with a classic recording of Thomas Edison describing his rotating film studio, the first of its kind, dubbed “The Black Maria”. What follows is a lesson in not only history, but in how to craft a track that rocks you in parts you never knew existed.

Steve Moores blistering guitar and matter of fact vocals are reminiscent of 80’s avant garde industrial slam. Dianne keeps the beat with a frantic percussion perfectly suited for the curated chaos within. While banging your head and tapping your feet, you’re infused with knowledge about the serendipitous time when people from around the world would come to West Orange New Jersey to become the very first silent film stars.

Its like “Schoolhouse Rock”, only cooler.

After purchasing the track, I recommend you check their video out on You Tube. Its absolutely worth watching 2 or 3 times if for no other reasons than to watch Steve Moore channel his inner carnival barker, and catch some of the first movies ever created.

To learn more about the Cranberry Merchants, Visit http://cranberrymerchants.com/index.html

Check out the Video for “The Black Maria” Here:


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