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Alan Wayne
Program Director/On Air Talent

Chuck Vans born and raised in San Antonio Texas. Growing up in the world of skateboarding exposed him to the various styles of punk, metal and hardcore. Over other influences in his life exposed him to an eclectic blend of music genres.


The Balcony is a radio show created to provide a platform for artists to tell their storys and share their music.

'The Independent Music Show' does exactly what it says on the tin. Plays the Independent Music of artists and writers from All Over The World.

Luna Keller is a young indie singer-songwriter from Tenerife with a great passion for good music. Her own music introduced her to the indie community where she kept discovering wonderful music away from the mainstream channels. When she got offered the opportunity to host her own four-weekly radio show she decided to take it - by creating "Why doesn’t everyone know these songs?" an all indie show showcasing artist from all over the world. Since then the show has expanded to Indie Star Radio  as a podcast airing every four weeks.

The Friendly Shadows podcast is hosted, produced, and created by the Kintners. Kelly noticed most of his fans were musicians. So he wanted to talk to them and record the conversations for the other fans who were musicians. He noticed they were kind of a club of indie musicians and he wanted recorded conversations to acknowledge that.

The crazy Edwards brothers, Stac & Jim are cookin' & servin' up only the tastiest tracks from around the world. Hosted by Stac and produced by Jim, together these guys have over 50 years of rock radio experience as they been at it since they were old enough to reach their parents music collection!

Station Manager
John Matthews
Website/Art Director

   Noelle Smith Phoenix


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"We strive to provide entertaining content and music to the listener, and an outlet to the independent artist through which they can maximize their exposure to as many new listeners as possible, therefore providing a symbiotic relationship for the station and artists alike. Above all, we at Indie Star Radio support the dreams and aspirations of the artists we serve and have the privilege to share every day. "

                                                               -Alan Wayne