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When I first started Indie Star Radio, it was just me, a microphone, some songs, and a vision. Over time, I've been lucky enough to gather not only a talented roster of artists, but some of the best talent and promotion people around.


Get to know some of the people that make Indie Star Radio the fastest growing station on the internet! I will also be including the links to the various individual sites these folks run, so you can get to know them even better! Thanks for listening, and always Be Indie!  -Alan Wayne


 The Balcony Show

Ann Thatcher 
Andrew Chernak
Ronnie Stoekel
Emily Noel
Alan Wayne
Indie Star Insider
 Tuesdays at 7PM
Indie Star Radio Top 21
       Saturdays at 7PM
Indie Jukebox 
Thursdays at 7pm

The Independent Music Show

w/Tom Lambert

Daily at 12PM

Ash - Head of Promotions
John Matthews



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"We strive to provide entertaining content and music to the listener, and an outlet to the independent artist through which they can maximize their exposure to as many new listeners as possible, therefore providing a symbiotic relationship for the station and artists alike. Above all, we at Indie Star Radio support the dreams and aspirations of the artists we serve and have the privilege to share every day. "

                                                               -Alan Wayne